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Powering refuse body on e-chassis, Switzerland


Swiss cities are transitioning to a CO2-neutral environment, and many are opting for electric trucks for municipal use, including refuse collection. The quieter operation of e-trucks is especially advantageous in residential areas where refuse is collected.  


Contena-Ochsner AG was tasked with collecting refuse in a Swiss town using electric trucks. They chose Scania's electric chassis to carry the refuse body, as it has a suitable range and capacity for working vehicle applications. However, at the time, the Scania truck was not equipped with a power take-off (PTO) to provide the hydraulic pressure and flow required for powering the refuse collection equipment. Additionally, the battery should not be depleted below 50%. With the refuse truck needing to travel long distances between charging in mountainous terrain, it was decided to complement the truck's own battery pack with a TM series E-PTO from Banke for compaction as a range extender solution. Powering refuse body on e-chassis, Switzerland


The solution to this problem came in the form of Banke’s E-PTO TM80. The TM80’s large capacity allows for many hours of uninterrupted work. Diesel trucks can switch from using the E-PTO’s electric battery pack to the diesel engine. In this case, the long distances between charging stations and the manufacturer’s battery depletion restrictions meant that the E-PTO took care of powering the refuse body. Banke provided the E-PTO with a large capacity from the standard product line.

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Main Specification Facts

Battery pack capacity 80 kWh
Continuous power 30 kW, peak 45 kW 
Battery technology LiFePO4 
Battery lifetime 2000 full cycles 
Dimensions L,W,H 381, 2412, 1552 mm
Charging onboard, 2 x 3,3 kW
Charging time 12-13 hours (double charger)
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E-PTO Systems

Power the on-board hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and cranes using electric power from a Banke E-PTO instead of diesel power.

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