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E-PTO for Bygma truck delivering materials in Sønderborg


Bygma, a leading construction and building materials company, is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing sustainable practices. Recognizing the environmental impact of its fleet, the company embarked on a journey to convert its vehicles from diesel to a more sustainable power source. In 2021, Bygma took its first step towards electrification by powering the HMF 2020 crane application on its CNG truck with electricity.


One of the significant challenges faced by Bygma was the extensive distance covered by its vehicles during a typical workday. The company recognized that utilizing electric-powered equipment would provide advantages in terms of fuel consumption and environmental impact. However, it required a solution that could effectively address the range and charging limitations typically associated with electric vehicles, ensuring that productivity and operational efficiency were not compromised. Truck with electricity Bygma's HMF crane powered by Banke E-PTO


To overcome the challenge of integrating electric power into its fleet, Bygma adopted the Banke TM64 E-PTO system for its CNG truck crane application. The Banke TM E-PTO system was mounted between the chassis cab and the crane, ensuring seamless operation and minimal disruption to the existing vehicle configuration. By integrating the Banke TM E-PTO system into its fleet, Bygma’s crew gained the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience with appliances powered by electric batteries. This paved the way for further electrification initiatives; for instance, in 2022, Bygma started using an e-truck with Banke eC-PTO powering work application.

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E-PTO Systems

Power the on-board hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and cranes using electric power from a Banke E-PTO instead of diesel power.

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