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Hybrid Refuse Collection Vehicles in Thun, Switzerland


The beautiful Swiss city of Thun, located in the Bern canton, was searching for a new fleet of vehicles that could combine the smooth, jerk-free starting characteristics of fully electric trucks with the reliability and economy of diesel vehicles. As a pioneer for innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles, the city's engineering office always looks to be one step ahead regarding technology. The city also believed modern work vehicles should provide employees with a safe and comfortable workplace.


The City of Thun faced the challenge of finding a solution that would make refuse collection emission-free and reduce noise levels to ensure comfortable working conditions for the crew. Stummer Kommunalfahrzeuge Ges.m.b.H. had the task of delivering a full solution. Banke was asked to provide equipment to minimize CO2 emissions and noise during refuse collection rounds. Hybrid Refuse Collection Vehicles in Thun


The solution came in the form of three new hybrids refuse collection vehicles, which have been collecting refuse in the city since the summer of 2020. Three-axel MAN TGS chassis are powered by a Euro 6 diesel engine with an Allison fully automatic transmission, while Banke E-PTO TM56 powers Stummer refuse compaction body. The customer has not had any problems with Banke’s equipment since the first run, and the vehicles have successfully achieved the desired emission and noise reduction levels.

Thun’s new hybrid refuse collection vehicles have not only helped the city reduce emissions and noise pollution but also provided a safe and comfortable workplace for employees. The successful implementation of these vehicles serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being.

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Main Specification Facts

Continues power 30 kW, peak 45 kW
Battery technology LiFePO4
Battery lifetime 2000 full cycles
Dimensions 400x1925x1552 mm
Charging onboard 2 x 3,3 kW
Charging time 9-10 hours (double charger)
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E-PTO Systems

Power the on-board hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and cranes using electric power from a Banke E-PTO instead of diesel power.

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