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Electric PTO for CNG refuse collection truck in Sonderborg, Denmark


The waste collection industry is developing rapidly, with citizens taking ever more responsibility for sorting and recycling the refuse they produce. Three years ago, Sønderborg municipality introduced a new refuse collection system with household refuse sorted into nine categories. This enables a much higher proportion of households' refuse to be recycled. New refuse collection trucks were needed to implement such a complicated sorting system.  Moreover, Sønderborg municipality pledged to reduce CO2 emissions significantly. Therefore, it announced a tender for 14 new refuse trucks in 2019. Ten of them were to run on biogas, and the compaction of the waste in those trucks was supposed to be electric-driven.


Urbaser, an international waste management company, won the tender and became responsible for the daily operation of the new CO2 -friendly refuse collection fleet. During the tender process, Urbaser was looking for a reliable partner who could provide a suitable solution to power the refuse compactor with electricity. Electric PTO for CNG refuse collection truck in Sonderborg, Denmark


Ten trucks that run on biogas have compaction of the refuse driven by Banke TM64 E-PTOs. Banke TM E-PTO system is mounted between the chassis cab and the refuse body. It is designed as a “plug-in” unit for recharging overnight but can also be recharged with an additional inverter or generator, making the system more flexible.


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Main Specification Facts

Continuous power 20 kW, peak – 45 kW
Battery technology LiFePO4
Battery lifetime 2000 full cycles
Dimensions 400x1925x1552 mm
Charging onboard 2 x 3,3kW
Charging time 9-10 hours (double charger)
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E-PTO Systems

Power the on-board hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and cranes using electric power from a Banke E-PTO instead of diesel power.

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