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Powering refrigeration unit


The primary trend driving development in the transport sector is the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution. With this in mind, in 2019, the Danish company Bitzer Electronics A/S launched the eTRU (electric transport refrigeration unit) project to develop appliances to be installed on a refrigeration trailer for road transport where the refrigeration system’s compressor is powered by an electric motor rather than the diesel engine. Bitzer´s eTRU technology project aims to make products that can be applied in a sustainable transformation and decarbonization of the cold chain (electrification of the cold chain).


Banke ApS was invited to develop and supply the battery pack for this project. Our engineers' main challenge was the limited space available for the battery pack. Powering refrigeration unit


Banke ApS has developed and built a solution that is both highly compact and has a component architecture that allows individual cells to be exchanged fast and easily in the unlikely event that one fails. This enables rapid servicing and maximizes up-time for the unit.


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Main Specification Facts

Capacity 51 kW
Battery chemistry LiFePO4
Battery lifetime ≥ 3500 cycles
Charging mobile charger 11 kW, 3*400V AC standard 3*16A CE plug
Charging time 5-6 hours
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