The Concept

The Concept

Banke ApS has developed first-generation electric chassis PTO (eC-PTO) solutions for battery-electric vehicles from three OEMs used in refuse and mobile crane applications.

Full battery-electric trucks are now available from Scania, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. Other truck manufacturers such as MAN have products launching soon.

The range and battery capacity of these trucks mean that they can be used for working vehicle applications such as refuse collection, mobile cranes, sweepers, and concrete mixers. However, the vast majority are not equipped with a power take-off (PTO) to provide the hydraulic pressure and flow necessary to power the working equipment. Therefore, contractors and fleet managers face the challenge of finding a general solution rather than having to combine a broad range of working equipment with electric chassis from several manufacturers all operating at different voltages.

While the PTO is a relatively small element in the overall cost of a refuse vehicle or mobile crane, it is crucial for allowing OEM electric chassis to be used as working vehicles.

Banke ApS first-generation electric chassis PTO is optimized for the specific combination of truck and working equipment. We offer single-unit and split-system PTOs, PTOs mounted either on the working equipment or more deeply integrated within the working equipment itself.

Banke ApS’s ten years of experience working with PTOs puts us in a unique position to bring best-in-class solutions that work with any OEM electric chassis. Furthermore, we have the focus and competencies needed to manage the inevitable complexity of the solution portfolio while simultaneously realizing the cost-down potential that will arise as volumes increase.

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