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The E-PTO Systems

The systems we design and manufacture are fully tested before they are released for sales. With more than 150 systems in operation, practice has proven that our systems are reliable and hardly require service.

Like the E-PTO large this system also mounts in between the chassis-cab and the refuse body. It is designed as a full “plug-in” but is also prepared to recharge with the help of an additional inverter or generator.

This makes the system more flexible. Due to a little lower capacity and operating on a lower voltage level, the system is 200 kg lower in weight and provides a friendlier costing basis. With 1,6 meters width, the E-PTO can be mounted next to a vertical exhaust system to maximize body volume. The charging plug is standard on the left hand side.

The Concept

A new vehicle solution has seen the light of day. It’s a loading vehicle uses an electro-hydraulic system, or ePTO, installed alongside the traditional engine-driven system. This enables the crane operator to work with the engine switched off – quietly and free from exhaust fumes.

The electric power take off (ePTO) system comprises a battery, an electric motor, a hydraulic pump and a smart electronic control system. This is all packaged in a stainless steel box that is mounted on the truck chassis. A display mounted inside the truck cabin provides information about the current status of the ePTO, which can also be started and stopped by using the display.

Design Principles

Less noise and emissions
Banke develops lithium-ion battery based electric power take-off (ePTO) systems to power accessory applications on heavy duty mobile machines
A full plug-in system
System can recharge with energy that is generated by clean sources like solar, wind or water
Mobile electrical cranes
Every kWh taken from the E-PTO saves 0.34 litres of diesel (0.35 nm3 of CNG)