The concept

The concept

Power the on-board hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and cranes using electric power from a Banke E-PTO instead of diesel power.

Operating silently and with zero CO2 emissions, a Banke E-PTO reduces energy consumed by on-board hydraulics by up to 50%. For a typical refuse vehicle this means a saving of 15-20 liters of diesel every day.

The E-PTO system comprises a battery pack, electric motor, hydraulic pump and a smart electronic control system. The battery pack is dimensioned to provide enough energy for a full-day of operation and is then recharged overnight, ready for the next day.

If you are electrifying your fleet of work vehicles, an E-PTO system provides a higher environmental impact for each Euro invested than any other solution available today.

Less Noise and Emissions
Less Noise
and Emissions
A Full Plug-In System
A Full Plug-In
Refrigeration Vehicles
Concrete Mixers
City Distribution
Other Applications

The E-PTO Systems

E-PTO Large
E-PTO Large
This system mounts in between the chassis-cab and the refuse body. It is designed as a full “plug-in” that has the capacity to complete a full day of work. It is based on 700 Volts which is more efficient compared to systems working on a lower voltage. Most of the Banke systems currently in operation are of this type.
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E-PTO TM 21/43/64/86 Series
E-PTO TM 21/43/64/86 Series
The TM system also mounts in between the chassis-cab and the refuse body. It is designed as a "plug-in" but can also be recharged with the help of an additional inverter or generator, making the system more flexible. The TM64 offers slightly lower capacity than the Large, operates on a lower voltage level, is 200 kg lighter, and provides a friendlier costing basis. The TM21 can be chosen as an alternative for 2-axle trucks with smaller bodies or for applications that are less energy intensive.
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The CM43 is mounts on the chassis frame and enables a longer refuse body. The system is split into two boxes, the battery box and the power box, which can be separately mounted left/right on the chassis frame. These systems were originally designed for mobile crane applications but are also available for refuse applications.
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E-PTO for mobile crane

The Banke Chassis Mounted (CM) series of products are designed specifically with mobile cranes in mind


Currently more than 400 vehicles in operation all over Europe

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