What if an E-PTO breaks down?

Luckily this doesn’t happen very often. The 400+ Banke E-PTO systems in operation throughout Europe have proved to be highly reliable. The LiFePO4 battery cells we use have fault rates measured in single-digit parts per thousand. Thorough testing before shipment catches the vast majority of these rare individual cell problems at the earliest possible stage.

We can train your organisation to be able to diagnose and repair minor problems, and if a more serious problem occurs, Banke has a service capacity that is superior to those of our competitors.

In our home market in Denmark we have our own dedicated team of service personnel providing first and second level support and repair quickly. Standard spare parts are shipped from stock on a same-day basis for faults reported before 10:00.

Outside of Denmark, first level support is provided by our network of distributors, with our own personnel stepping in as and when necessary.

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What if an E-PTO breaks down?

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