Banke ApS was founded in Denmark in 2010, developing and marketing battery-electric drive systems for accessories for heavy-duty vehicles. Our electric power take-off (E-PTO) products power the onboard hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles and mobile cranes with battery-electric power rather than a traditional hydraulic power take-off. Using an E-PTO from Banke significantly reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions, noise, and particle pollution. Every kilowatt-hour of power delivered by an E-PTO saves 0.35 liters of diesel. Over a full day of operation, a Banke E-PTO will save the equivalent of 15-20 liters.

Banke has experienced rapid growth and has established a position as the European market leader. Our market has expanded to new countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and France. We continue developing next-generation battery technologies which significantly increase power density. Our other focus is developing and manufacturing fully electric powertrains. Customers use this technology to rebuild used diesel/CNG vehicles for the second tour of duty with the full-electric operation.

Our competencies in electrifying refuse vehicles and heavy-duty work functions put us in a unique position to exploit the increasing demand for electrification of municipal vehicles. Our team of automotive and power-electronics engineers is ready to begin designing your vehicle already tomorrow. Alternatively, our engineers can modify our existing platform to fit your needs.

Our team

Rasmus Banke
Managing Director
+45 5151 0251
Per Viggo Rasmussen
Head of Production & Supply Chain
+45 4014 2530
Janick Cordt Hansen
Head of Commercial activities
+45 6018 5010