PDU Box Ready for Testing – One More Milestone in #BankeBusConversion Project

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PDU Box Ready for Testing – One More Milestone in  #BankeBusConversion Project

We’re thrilled to share that our project to convert 24 sightseeing buses to electric power is on track.

As we move forward with this exciting project, we’re pleased to announce that the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) box, the heart of the electric bus system, has started to be produced for testing in the coming weeks. This crucial component controls the power flow from the batteries to all the other components, ensuring the bus operates efficiently and reliably.

In preparation for testing, we’ve already assembled key components onto pallets, as seen in the attached photo. Our motor and motor inverter, air compressor inverter, and servo pump are all ready for testing. While waiting for the battery modules, we’ll temporarily try to test communication on all components.

These tests will ensure that the PDU box and software are functioning flawlessly.

Stay updated on our journey to electrify tourism, and watch us transform the industry.

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