Demo E-PTO 2013

Aabenraa, Denmark

Meldgaard was the first Banke customer and operates the eldest E-PTOs we have manufactured.

The Banke E-PTO Large powers compaction mechanism and automatic split lifter and is used for the collection of household waste.


Owner and CEO, Henrik Meldgaard says:

"We have 19 E-PTOs in operation in our RCV fleet.

In 2012 we started out with the first 5 E-PTOs on refuse trucks collecting household waste in Soenderborg city.

We charge the E-PTOs every working day and they have all continued to perform without any major breakdowns or loss in performance."

NERU, Nehlsen
Meissen, Germany

NERU operates a heavy duty refuse body for the collection of bulky waste which is hand-loaded into the hopper.

The crew services 40 collection points per day and with the classic way of operation, the chassis engine would run 5 minutes in idle and 2 minutes in high rpm during compaction right in front of the inhabitants' houses.

Equipped with the lowest noise levels and emission possible, NERU also reports and impressive fuel saving.

COO of Nehlsen, Peter Eden, says:

"The capacity of the Banke E-PTO is sufficient for the daily collection of bulky waste and performs without any problems in daily operation.

Experience shows that operating an E-PTO in bulky waste saves 15 litres of diesel per day in average (30%) - and this amounts to 10 tons CO2 per year."

Berliner Stadtreinigung
Berlin, Germany

BSR operates a Banke E-PTO Large to power the functions of a refuse compaction vehicle and automatic split lift.

As BSR delivers full service to its citizens and the operators have to fetch the containers from various locations, the refuse collection vehicle can remain static for a longer period of time.

BSR achieves additional noise reduction and fuel savings by switching the chassis engine off at these collection points. The average fuel saving is up to 25% depending on infrastructure conditions.

Manager Logistics department, DV/Projects, Dr. Ing. Dipl. Wirt. Ing. Renate Lemke, says:

"The Banke E-PTO has been in daily operation at BSR since May 2014, and the performance fully lives up to our expectations. 

The down time of the entire vehicle matches the fleet average and waste collection is done without any problems."

Brøndby, Denmark

MLarsen was the first customer to retrofit the CM22 on an existing Mercedes Econic, Euro 6 and will have 6 of these systems in daily operation at the end of 2016.

Operations and Material Manager, Bo Fredskov says:

"As a private collection company, we have to address our customers' wishes and at the same time pay attention to economic and operational limitations.

We do not only have to make sure that we win the job, but we also have to make sure that we are able to fulfil the obligations in practice  that come with the job.

The CM22 system provided us with the right mix of features to address these issues and the first CM22 system did its daily job right from the start. And together with the chassis dealer, the body builder and Banke, we have been able to drive out the costs for unnecessary chassis adaptations."

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