Why switch to electric PTO?

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Why switch to electric PTO?

As the focus on reducing emissions, air pollution, resource waste, and traffic noise intensifies, many governments’ legislation emphasizes using electric power for driving accessories in work vehicles. This is especially relevant in refuse collection, mobile cranes, city distribution, etc, in urban areas.

The shift towards adopting electric PTO as an alternative to the traditional PTO from an internal combustion engine brings many benefits to the environment, drivers, and crew. E-PTOs not only reduce emissions and noise pollution, but they also increase efficiency and decrease fuel consumption. Thus, Banke E-PTO reduces energy consumed by onboard hydraulics by up to 50%. This means saving 15-20 liters of diesel daily for a typical refuse vehicle.

As the government continues introducing stricter regulations and policies, businesses in the transportation and logistics industry will have to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. By embracing E-PTOs, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, reduce their environmental impact, and contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.


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