Why lithium-ion phosphate battery

Why lithium-ion phosphate battery

For all our applications, Banke always uses lithium-ion phosphate cells. And it does not matter if we are powering a complete truck or just a PTO.

Our journey started 11-12 years ago with plastic casing cells from different Chinese manufacturers, and we have learned much from that. For instance, we had issues from the beginning, mainly with quality. We could not see the errors until the cells were already in operation. That is where our knowledge about integrating this technology into our products started. We had to find out how to spot a defective cell before it went to the customer when everything seemed okay. We studied cycling the cells, learned from the discharge curve, etc. Today we buy modules made to our specifications from China. We are glad we went through this journey because we got first-hand knowledge about the cells, which now helps us with purchasing. This extensive experience shows that lithium-ion phosphate batteries are the best for heavy-duty applications, where batteries must be charged and discharged at least once daily and last for ten years. Moreover, they are easy to package, easy to manage, and, most importantly, safe.

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