Warm welcome to our new Product Manager

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Warm welcome to our new Product Manager

Banke ApS has recently welcomed Jesper Thun to its team, who will oversee the development of the company’s full electric powertrain. Jesper is an experienced engineer with a strong background in the automotive industry and a passion for sustainable transportation.

Jesper’s role as Product Manager is critical to the company’s success as it expands its electric solutions offerings. The full electric powertrain is a complex system with components such as the electric motor, battery, and power electronics. The performance and efficiency of these components are essential to the electric vehicle’s overall performance. Jesper’s expertise in this area will be invaluable in ensuring that Banke ApS’s offerings are among the best in the market.

Jesper’s primary responsibility will be to oversee the design and development of the company’s full electric powertrain. This will involve working closely with the engineering team to ensure the powertrain meets high performance and European legislation standards. He will also collaborate with external suppliers and partners to ensure that all powertrain components are optimised for the best performance and durability.

One of the challenges that Jesper will face in the new role is ensuring that the powertrain is reliable and can provide sufficient power for the vehicle’s needs. Electric vehicles rely on the battery to power the electric motor, and the powertrain must be designed to manage the flow of electricity to the motor to ensure that it is always running at peak efficiency. Jesper’s experience in power electronics and electric motor design will be particularly helpful in addressing these challenges.

Another challenge Jesper will face is ensuring that the powertrain is scalable and adaptable for use in different types of vehicles. We are a rapidly growing company, and the powertrain must be flexible enough to be used in various vehicle types. This will require careful planning and design to ensure the powertrain is powerful and efficient across various vehicle sizes and weights.

Despite these challenges, we are confident that Jesper is the right person for the job. With her extensive experience and expertise in electric vehicle powertrain design, he is well-equipped to lead the development of our full electric powertrain.


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