Update on the Electric Driveline for Land Rover Defender

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Update on the Electric Driveline for Land Rover Defender

We continue to update you about the progress of conversion and tuning up the Land Rover Defender for off-road adventures.

The driveline, minus the batteries, was sent to LR Parts DK last week for component placement and chassis integration check. Our partners in LR Parts DK meticulously positioned all the components, including the motor, ensuring they fit perfectly in their designated locations. LR Parts also fabricated the brackets that serve as the interface between the chassis frame and our equipment. With these brackets in place, we’re confident that the driveline fits snugly and at the correct height.

The next step is to transport the assembled driveline to the workshop for painting. This crucial step is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, marking a point of no return. Once painted, we won’t be able to make any changes or weld anything further.

In one week, the driveline will be brought to FORCE Technology in Århus, where it will undergo EMC testing. This testing is essential to ensure that the driveline complies with electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Stay tuned as we bring this dream to life!


Electric Driveline for Land Rover Defender

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