Undisturbed Holiday Tranquility

Undisturbed Holiday Tranquility

First plug-in hybrid for Austria from Stummer, Bischofshofen – quiet and environmentally-friendly operation in the holiday retions of Pongaus and Pinzgaus.

With the new refuse vehicles, the CO2 emissions are decreased by 25{599534d5acea4e918e1304b0cd6c4514edc06310f5bd1d095a6129b67a9f9384}, and noise emissions by impressive 75{599534d5acea4e918e1304b0cd6c4514edc06310f5bd1d095a6129b67a9f9384} in comparison to conventional vehicles. The Li/Fe battery pack situated behind the driver’s cab, is able to power an 8-hour collection tour, or two complete loads.

Undisturbed Holiday Tranquility
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