Newsletter Winter 2016

Newsletter Winter 2016

NEW Website

Our new website is live and available in English and German. The new site offers an easy overview of the products Banke can deliver and makes the spec sheets available as downloads. Many questions that we were asked in daily practice are answered in the FAQ section. Please also visit the reference section that highlights the performance of our products in different applications.

Retrofit projects

Banke E-PTO’s are stand-alone units. This allows them to be used in projects that require an E-PTO and where a new chassis is combined with an already used refuse body. Banke has been involved in a number of these projects and it looks like the number of projects will only increase in the near future.

Furthermore, our CM22 E-PTO offers the opportunity to be mounted on an existing chassis/refuse body combination. This system is mounted on the chassis frame.

Underground container collection

Our CM 29 series can be offered with two powerpacks that draw energy from a single battery pack. By doing so both crane and refuse body can be hydraulically powered at the same time. This means that the chassis engine can be switched off during the emptying of underground containers, resulting in maximum noise reduction. Cranes are high energy consumers and recharging during driving by means of a generator cannot be avoided in all cases.

Oslo operational

The 30th of September marked a milestone as Vereino put 12 refuse trucks with Banke E-PTO into operation. This followed after the city of Oslo specified a minimum of 3 E-PTO driven refuse trucks per sector in their tender last year.

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