Newsletter for Q1 2017

Newsletter for Q1 2017

The essentials of an E-PTO

An Electric Power Take Off drives the work functions of a refuse body or mobile crane. Ideally the batteries of the E-PTO are charged during the night with excess clean energy. The advantage is twofold. The fuel consumption of the chassis decreases with 0.35 liters of diesel per kWh taken from the batteries. This number increases when the chassis is switched off during the operation of the work functions. At the same time the operation generates less noise. With a decrease of 6 dBA the remaining noise is only 25{6b9c2f9df3d6892f0c86b19c6d1363976677c486be8612d9d5d7940e2c54c513} of the original value.

NEW CEO Banke Accessory Drives

Starting the first of January 2017, Mr. Finn Visgaard is CEO of Banke Accessory Drives. At the same time, Mr. Poul Erik Seekjaer will also be responsible for purchasing. Mr. Rasmus Banke will focus on the development of a new Banke company: “Banke Electrotrans”. This company will manufacture a 26 tons’ full electric chassis for the Danish market.

NEW Website

Our new website is live and available in English and German. The new site offers an easy overview of the products Banke can deliver and makes the spec sheets available as downloads. Many questions that we were asked in daily practice are answered in the FAQ section. Please also visit the reference section that highlights the performance of our products in different applications.

Performance of delivered E-PTO’s

Over the last 5 years, Banke manufactured 130 E-PTO’s. 80 of these were delivered to Danish customers, the oldest being 5 years. Last year we followed up on the performance of all the units in Denmark. Any issues identified were  corrected with the help of our body builder and chassis supplier partners. The general conclusion is that our units do a very good job in daily practice and require very little maintenance or attention.

Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm

Not only the Danish capital but all of the Scandinavian Capitals promoted E-PTOs in their latest tenders. Oslo specified 25{6b9c2f9df3d6892f0c86b19c6d1363976677c486be8612d9d5d7940e2c54c513} of the refuse trucks to be with E-PTO’s and the current tender from Stockholm exceeds this with 75{6b9c2f9df3d6892f0c86b19c6d1363976677c486be8612d9d5d7940e2c54c513}.

The essentials of an E-PTO. Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

Crane systems

In a project with HMF and Joab we introduced the CM29 E-PTO. This E-PTO operates on a lower voltage which makes it possible to split the system into two separate boxes: a power box containing the power-electronics, charger and hydraulic pump, and the battery box containing the batteries and BMS system. These boxes are mounted at the chassis frame to free up space for the crane and the hooklift. Using a special hydraulic pump, the unit is not only very silent but can also deliver high oil-flows or high pressures that a crane demands.

The city of Lund (SE) ordered a CM29 E-PTO to drive a HMF 3220 K6 crane in combination with a Joab Hooklift.

CM 22

The CM 22 is the smaller sister of the CM29 and is successfully used on refuse trucks in Denmark. Mercedes Econic provides a special factory ordering code to provide the space for the boxes under the chassis frame. This code changes the standard 24Volt chassis battery box into a narrow version and moves the air tanks inside the frame.

The essentials of an E-PTO. CM 22

Start Stop with the new Scania Hybrid

Chassis manufacturers remain a bit hesitant on starting the chassis engine a lot during the day. In Germany, our E-PTO is often used in “Sperrmüll” refuse trucks. These vehicles come and collect bulky waste after receiving a request from citizens. Here, it is really an advantage that the chassis engine can be switched off. The collection takes about 5 – 7 minutes and the trucks stand right in front of the house door. In this application the chassis is only restarted 40 – 50 times a day and apparently this works fine with normal chassis. But what if you want to start/stop more often.

The essentials of an E-PTO. Start Stop with the new Scania Hybrid

You may consider the Scania Hybrid which has an engine that has been adapted for start/stop. Stopping the chassis engine does not only reduce noise, but also saves the 0.24 liters’ diesel per hour when idling.

The first Scania Hybrid with Banke E-PTO is operated in Switzerland. In co-operation with the Scania factory in Sweden, Banke defined a small add-on system which can transfer access braking energy from the Scania Hybrid Battery system into the E-PTO during operation of the truck. This can be an advantage in countries where the truck is driven downhill for longer periods of time.

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