Newsletter Autumn 2015

Newsletter Autumn 2015

E-PTO system for truck-mounted cranes

Banke Accessory Drives has developed the CM-series for E-PTO (Electric Power TakeOff) specially to drive truck-mounted cranes. Although much of the technology is based on the proven systems for refuse collection, there are some important differences we would like to highlight in this newsletter.

The demonstrator, which has been built together with Joab, HMF and Scania features a HMF 2120KS crane with 20-ton-meter of lifting capacity and a Joab L18X hook lift on a Scania P450 truck.

The vehicle was demonstrated to the public in Roskilde and Kolding, Denmark in late June 2015.

Chassis-mount  A clear difference with Banke’s traditional line-up of E-PTOs, is the fact that the CM-series is mounted under the chassis frame. Truck-mounted cranes are heavy and load on the front axle on the chassis; And when the crane is used in combination with a hook lifter, the amount of space above the chassis frame is limited. From both perspectives, a mounting position between the wheels is favorable.

Split and demountable design Two separate casings contain the power electronics/hydraulichs and the battery package. Each casing may be mounted independently on either side of the chassis frame.

This does not only increase the possibilities to mount the units at shorter wheelbase lengths, it also allows the batteries to be demounted when they are not needed.

Work capacity The battery pack contains 29 kWh of Li-Ion batteries. Tests a the crane manufacturer HMF have shown that this is sufficient to load 30 to 36 containers. The exact number depends on the weight, reach and how the crane is stored during transport between pick-ups.

The above-mentioned numbers were realized with a testing weight of 1000 kg positioned 5 metres out of the vehicle. The test involved a complete cycle of emptying a container including extending and retracting of the hydraulic supports. The higher number corresponds with the crane stored overhead the waste container; the lower number is realized when the crane is folded behind the chassis cab when the work is done.

Other features The demonstrator has been equipped with electronics that recharge the batteries either during braking only, during driving only or continuously. The capacity to recharge depends on the reserves of the chassis alternator, and thus no other specific PTO arrangements or electro-mechanical adaptations are necessary – only a electronic inverter needs to be installed.

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Crane tour Sweden The mobile crane vehicle with the new CM E-PTO toured in the road show of the Swedish organization LFG (LastFordonsGruppen) early September 2015.

Beginning of October, Scania, Sweden took ownership of the mobile crane vehicle. The vehicle can be hired from the Scania rental fleet.

New tender Vestforbrænding In the beginning of August 2015, Vestforbrænding – a Danish environmental company creating solutions in the waste management field – announced a tender for refuse collection in the municipalities Albertslund, Ballerup, Furesø, Ishøj and Vallensbæk counting approx. 150.000 inhabitants in the vicinity of Copenhagen. All refuse trucks must be equipped with electrical PTOs.

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