#meetBanketeam: Introducing Sebastian Hansen – Navigating the Sales Landscape at Banke

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#meetBanketeam: Introducing Sebastian Hansen – Navigating the Sales Landscape at Banke

In our quest to showcase the talent and dedication of the Banke team, we continue our #meetBanketeam series with a profile of Sebastian Hansen, Area Sales Manager. Sebastian’s global perspective and passion for helping businesses succeed are essential to Banke’s mission, and we are grateful for his contributions to our team. In his role, he is responsible for identifying market opportunities and connecting with potential clients worldwide. Sebastian’s success is attributed to his deep understanding of the sales landscape, his ability to build relationships, and his commitment to continuous learning.

Balancing Remote Work and Global Collaboration

Working remotely from a different country might sound challenging to some, but for Sebastian, it’s a seamless routine. He maintains a structured workday, starting in the morning, and capitalizes on digital platforms like Teams and Zoom for effective communication. Despite the physical distance, he collaborates closely with his colleagues from the sales department. This collaboration is important for the sales team’s success. “I’ve found that it’s important to have a structured workday when working remotely,” Sebastian says. “I start in the morning and work until the evening, with breaks throughout the day. I also use digital tools like Teams and Zoom to stay connected with my colleagues. It’s important to be able to communicate effectively with your team, even though you’re not in the same office.”

Navigating the Complexities of Intercultural Communication

One of the key challenges of Sebastian’s is his interaction with diverse cultures. Intercultural communication, a topic he studied, has equipped him with the necessary tools to navigate this complexity. Sebastian interacts with people from all over the world, and he has learned to be respectful of different perspectives.

Continuous Learning in the Technical Arena

The electric mobility landscape constantly evolves, and Sebastian is committed to continuous learning. Sebastian’s approach is pragmatic; he uses the power of online resources searching platforms like LinkedIn to stay on top of the latest developments. While he appreciates the complexity of the technical domain, he understands the balance between sales and the deep technical aspects, leaving the latter to the expertise of engineers.

Essential Skills and Future Aspirations

Sebastian believes that the essential skills for a successful career in sales are being customer-centric, having strong communication skills, and building relationships. He also believes that it is important to be resilient and persistent. While formal education is valuable, Sebastian believes that practical experience is often more important than academic qualifications.

“Building relationships is key to success in sales,” Sebastian says. “It’s not just about making the sale; it’s about building trust and rapport with your customers. When you have a strong relationship with a customer, they are more likely to do business with you again and again.”

Sebastian’s career goals for the future are ambitious. He wants to grow and develop in his role as Area Sales Manager, to contribute to Banke’s success, and to help the company achieve its goals.

On a personal level, Sebastian gets the energy from sports. He also cherishes quality time with his wife and two children as a welcome break from his busy work-life.

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