Banke’s fully electric powertrain presented in Green Climate Forum

Banke’s fully electric powertrain presented in Green Climate Forum

On Wednesday 6th October Banke ApS co-hosted the third meeting for the Danish Road Authority’s Green Climate Forum. The Forum comprises 30 people from stakeholder groups including truck manufacturers, truck operators, component and service suppliers, and public sector groups including the Transport Ministry, all with an interest in the transitioning of heavy vehicles to greener energy sources.

Rasmus Banke presented a heavy-vehicle we recently converted from diesel to full-electric operation, and then made a presentation to the group covering Banke ApS’ experience with electric heavy-vehicle solutions and what the future holds. The message was very clear: “Energy-efficient battery-electric trucks offering massive energy savings are available now. Trucks are available now which can drive over 400km on one charge, and can be recharged in just over an hour, ready to go again”.


After the meeting, ten of the participants visited Banke ApS’ factory in Sønderborg to hear about battery systems and power take-offs for heavy-duty working vehicles.


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