First step toward your fleet’s electrification

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First step toward your fleet’s electrification

Two TM43 are leaving production. They are shipped to Italy.

E-PTO can be a good intermediate solution if you want to step toward your fleet’s electrification but are not ready to swipe diesel or CNG trucks for BEV. 

  • E-PTO powers the onboard hydraulic systems on heavy vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles, cranes, swipers, etc.
  • Moreover, it operates silently with zero CO2 emissions and is suitable for work equipment that operates at night, in closed spaces, etc.
  • The e-PTO system provides a higher environmental impact for each Euro invested than any other solution available today. Banke E-PTO reduces energy consumed by onboard hydraulics by up to 50%. This means saving 15-20 liters of diesel daily for a typical refuse vehicle.
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