E-PTOs – part of our standard products portfolio

E-PTOs – part of our standard products portfolio

Banke takes new customer requests about, for example, battery configuration, battery management, mechanical engineering, CAN architecture for chassis and bodies, etc. Still, we also have a wide range of our standard products.

Our E-PTOs are made for diesel or CNG trucks. To meet our customers’ requirements, we offer E-PTOs as a single unit (TM series) and split unit (CM series). First, E-PTO was developed and produced as a single unit. Later we started to get requests from some customers for an easier way to mount E-PTO into chassis and body in crane applications. That is how the split version was developed and introduced to the market. In the split version, customers get two boxes: one with the battery and the power box.

E-PTO has around 2000 full charging cycles. Therefore, the life of an E-PTO can be 7-8 years. But we have seen E-PTOs that, after eight years, still have the capacity of 90%. To prolong E-PTOs life, customers have to maintain them correctly. It means fully charging and balancing the battery every second week.

E-PTOs can power cranes, refuse collection vehicles, concrete mixers, refrigeration vehicles, etc.

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