Presenting our full-electric powertrain at Danish Battery Summit 2023

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Presenting our full-electric powertrain at Danish Battery Summit 2023

It is a frosty (as you can guess from the photo) sunny morning in Sønderborg, and Danish Battery Summit 2023 is about to begin. The event is organized by Danish Center for Energy Storage (DaCES), Danish Battery Society (DBS), and the University of Southern Denmark. The purpose of the one-day event is to establish new collaborations, partnerships, and projects and generate new ideas for solving problems.

We present our full-electric power train, and later Janick Cordt Hansen will discuss the future of the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles. With the world looking for solutions to reduce global CO2 emissions, truck manufacturers are now beginning to introduce full-electric trucks to the market. While this is a welcome step in the right direction, the supply of these vehicles is ramping up too slowly to meet the necessary CO2 reduction requirements. At the same time, managers of fleets of heavy vehicles equipped with conventional diesel or CNG engines find themselves left with no solutions as governments tighten CO2 emission limits and mandate a rapid phasing out of fossil-fuelled vehicles. Rather than feeling the pain of scrapping vehicles that are no longer compliant and writing off the asset value, fleet managers should consider converting their diesel/CNG vehicles to full-electric operation by installing a full-electric powertrain kit from Banke. READ more about this product line.

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