Conversion to electricity: how to convert diesel or CMG truck

Conversion to electricity: how to convert diesel or CMG truck

Let us tell you a bit more about the driveline.

Because we are addressing working vehicles, where the body is as important as the truck, we try not to interfere with the truck itself. We make electrification on the existing truck’s terms. We do not take out the transmission, we do not give a new cooling system, we do not change the breaks, and we try not to change the geometry. We reuse everything that is already there. The driveline is powered the same way as the diesel or CNG engine before. It behaves exactly the same way. The truck drives exactly the same way as it did before. If there is a transmission, we use it too.

All we do for the air system is switch the compressor’s source to power it with the electric motor. We do not touch the breaks system. Such an approach makes homologation easier and faster.

The cooling system is a big task because often, the cooling system is the heating system. We do not always have fuel cells to provide heat. Therefore we have to harvest all the energy that we have in the cooling. If there is a transmission, we cool it and collect the heat for the cabin. We minimize situations when we have to use battery capacity for heating.

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