Committed to Safety: Completing L-AUS Training

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Committed to Safety: Completing L-AUS Training

We’re always keen to keep our team safe, and that’s why we’re thrilled to share that #banketeam attended their mandatory L-AUS (Low Voltage Live Work) training today!

L-AUS training is crucial in our company, arming our employees with the knowledge of handling electrical installations and equipment with utmost safety. This training is essential for preventing workplace accidents, which can have significant consequences for both our employees and our company.

The in-depth course covered the following key aspects:

Safety protocols for working with electrical installations

Proper techniques for electrical installations

Safety measures to adapt to diverse work scenarios

Proficient use and maintenance of L-AUS equipment

First aid skills to be prepared for any emergencies.

The course was provided by Elkursus.dk. It was well-organized and informative. We always appreciate an opportunity to learn from experienced instructors.

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