Berliner Stadtreinigung, Berlin, Germany

BSR operates a Banke E-PTO Large to power the functions of a refuse compaction vehicle and automatic split lift.

As BSR delivers full service to its citizens and the operators have to fetch the containers from various locations, the refuse collection vehicle can remain static for a longer period of time.

BSR achieves additional noise reduction and fuel savings by switching the chassis engine off at these collection points. The average fuel saving is up to 25% depending on infrastructure conditions.

“The Banke E-PTO has been in daily operation at BSR since May 2014, and the performance fully lives up to our expectations.

The down time of the entire vehicle matches the fleet average and waste collection is done without any problems.”

Renate Lemke
Manager Logistics department, DV/Projects, Dr. Ing. Dipl. Wirt. Ing.