Banke is currently participating in three development projects which were deemed innovative and important enough to win government backing


This project is part the CLEAN Industrial Electronic Innovation program. The consortium comprises industry leading suppliers including Banke ApS, Lithium Balance A/S, Converdan ApS, and Helge Bruhn ApS. The project is split over two focus areas and Banke is participating in both. Banke is the leader of the project developing a high-performance battery for heavy-duty work vehicles. The other project is developing a high-efficiency battery charger and is lead by Converdan ApS.


This project, supported by Denmark’s Innovation Fund is develops and tests a new and innovative rebuilding kit that, with battery pack and power electronic components, prepares renovation vehicles for full electric operation. The main focus is the Econic model from Mercedes-Benz, which is used for most of Northwest Europe's refurbishment vehicles. The kit is sold to professional workshops that supply and service refurbishment vehicles. This will allow them to build an electric renovation vehicle in just a few days


The overall objective of the VIRTUAL-FCS project is to make the design process of hybrid fuel cell and battery systems easier, cheaper and quicker. It will develop a fully open source software‐hardware (cyber‐physical) tool that can be adopted as a global standard for optimal fuel cell system design. Banke was invited to join the project consortium to provide application profiles and duty-cycles for heavy municipal work vehicles. The project is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program